Sunday, May 16, 2010

Body want ??

Body tatoo

Body tatoo
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Digital Camera & Imaging Malaysia (DCIM) event 2010.

1 of the event model is having her back painted with beautiful tatoo. This model attracted many photographers to shot her back.

Out of curiousity, i also join them & took 1 photo of her back too. She has been in this pose for about 5 to 10 minutes, wondering her neck pain or not, haha, anyway she is very professional, salute salute....

Leica S2 model shoot out
Leica S2 model shoot out
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During the DCIM 2010 event, i manage to get my hand on a really expensive camera, probably the most expensive camera in the event..the Leica S2 camera with 70mm lens, i put down my name, pop in my memory card & tested few shots with this baby (refering to both camera & the lovely model shown above).

My first impression of the Leica S2 is it is surprisingly simple in design, both external casing & the viewfinder. However, the shutter button has to be push much deeper to release it.

The result image is big, 7,488 X 4,976 pixels, roughly 37.5 megapixel. Opened 100% on my LCD, i can counts the pore holes & make-up lines on her face.

Overall, this medium format RM120,000 Leica S2 with 70mm lens really impressed me, no wonder professional advertising photograpers use them.

Big thanks to the Leica booth organiser & the model. ^^

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